Sunday, November 28, 2010

Election Day

On November 2 the much-awaited midterm Senate and House elections took place across the country. I was blessed to be a part of a team of New York Times freelancers and staffers stationed around the U.S.

I spent election day photographing polling places in Bowling Green, Ky. (the hometown of Republican Senate Candidate Rand Paul.)

My first East Coast deadline was 8am (7am in Bowling Green.) With polls opening at 6am, I had a little under an hour to make some early photos for the web. After making deadline I hit other polling places across town, transmitting periodically to "feed the beast." Later in the morning I covered Rand Paul voting at a local elementary school, as well as some of his supporters demonstrating along main roads in Bowling Green.

As the day progressed I covered more ground in Bowling Green and marked a spot on the press riser at Paul's election night party at the Bowling Green convention center. It was a joy to shoot alongside my good friend Daniel Houghton as well as other WKU PJ's who were freelancing for area newspapers. Kentucky's polls were some of the earliest to close in the nation, so we didn't have to wait long before Paul appeared on stage with his family to declare victory. It was a17-hour work day, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What a privilege it is to take photographs for a living.

Warren County schools were closed on election day as gymnasiums and cafeterias were transformed into polling places for Western Kentucky voters in Bowling Green, Ky., November 2, 2010. (Luke Sharrett for The New York Times)