Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alabama Tornadoes

The day after a deadly tornado hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I packed my gear and drove down to Alabama with my good friend Daniel Houghton to cover the aftermath. I was blessed to shoot for The New York Times for three days in Northern and Central Alabama. With so many talented photojournalists working in Tuscaloosa we decided to stick to areas that weren't receiving as much attention from national media outlets. I was overwhelmed with the hope and resilience of the tornado vicitims that I photographed. Almost all of them went out of their to way thank me for telling their story and offer some form of hospitality. One family literally dragged me to the front porch of their destroyed home and wouldn't let me leave until I had eaten some of their food. The weekend in Alabama was incredible and humbling, and my prayers will be with the South as they rebuild in the coming months.

Sheets hang in tornado ravaged trees at sunset in a farming community along Bridgeforth Road near Tanner, Ala. on on Friday, April 30, 2011. (Luke Sharrett for The New York Times)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here are some more frames from my Zeiss Ikon 6x6 rangefinder. there's nothing like shooting film and developing in the darkroom in a digital world. Enjoy.
Amtrak Executive Chef William Johnson. BWI Rail Station. Maryland.