Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, bama.

Obama held a town hall meeting in Chesapeake, Va. yesterday. Whenever I shoot political rallies I wonder if I could handle the political circuit full time. Security was then tightest I've seen so far (i got molested by the bomb-sniffing dog more than once) Got to shoot alongside Jim Young of Reuters as well as a few other familiar faces who rotate in and out of the WH press pool. Good folks. Compared to the vibe of the last two Hillary Clinton rallies I shot, this one seemed pretty subdued. With the type of questions the crowd asked Senator Obama, it seemed like they thought he was already President. Thanks for looking.


Daniel said...

Dude, this stuff is great. I love the one of him talking where you shot the stage and the whole crowd. Nice stuff man. YOU could be working for AP today.

Tanner Curtis said...

Great stuff man. Good variety of images. Wish you were back at WKU this fall.

pntrpete said...

very impressive stills- do you do moving pictures w sound also? I like your composition & would like to discuss filmmaking.