Friday, June 19, 2009

New York City.

Second adventure/ train trip of the summer: new york city.

I caught the northbound 6:05am train out of Lynchburg and made it to the big apple by 3pm.
After meeting up with the NYDailyNews' finest, one Mike Ip, we had a wkupj scavenger hunt of sorts and found "pun"isher Brian Masck, NYTimes extraordinaire Jessica Ebelhar (hey that rhymes!), and Jon Woods (we are not worthy!). Republic. Dessert Truck. McSorley's. etc. -awesome. There are so many photos to be had in that city, its almost not fair.

The Xylofolks.
Obligatory Times Square photo... Folks hanging out in lawn chairs on the Broadway for kicks.

Union Station. DC.


tomis said...

I hate the Astor Place station, I'd rather walk from 3rd Avenue to the village.

Philip said...

was this a "legal" train ride, and if it wasn't if it was that more adventurous type of ride that doesn't cost anything accept guts and possible legal fees then you made incredible time.