Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NCAA Day 1

This week I have the privilege of covering Western Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament in Portland, Ore. for the College Heights Herald. Tuesday afternoon I travelled to Nashville with David Harten (men's basketball beat reporter) and Mike Ip (shooting photos for the Talisman) 

I spent most of the day on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, producing a multimedia piece for class. Halfway through our trip, we stopped in Denver for the sunset.
After sitting on the plane for close about 8 hours, we landed in Portland and caught a cab to the NCAA Media Hotel in downtown Portland. 
Tomorrow we're taking the Portland light-rail to the Rose Bowl Arena to pick up our credentials, cover open practice, and do some press with the teams before the first round games on Thursday. We're all pretty exhausted from the trip, but are looking forward to 
exploring the great city of Portland tomorrow morning.

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ARBC Youth said...

So looking forward to seeing what you produce from this trip! ENJOY!