Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Day 2

We awoke to our first full day in portland exhausted and jet-lagged. After hitting the snooze button once or twice, or thrice, we set out in search of breakfast. Two blocks from our hotel I met a couple of train hoppers who had hopped into town on a UP freight that morning. Vash and his dog Star made themselves at home in the middle of the sidewalk.

After shooting the breeze with them, we continued the search for breakfast.

On a tip from a friend, we tried the legendary Mother's Bistro downtown on the corner of Stark and 2nd Avenue. Two eggs scrambled, potatoes, sausage, and toast hit the spot. Thanks Mr. Barron.

After a filling breakfast, we walked around downtown and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Here's the obligatory "view from our hotel room" photo.

A system of light-rail trains and trolleys crisscross the streets downtown.

At around 3pm we caught the media shuttle from our hotel to the Rose Garden Arena. We picked our credentials, cleared security, and set up in the media work room.
After shooting a couple press conferences, I moved courtside for WKU's open practice.

Hilltopper head coach Ken McDonald crosses the NCAA logo at center court of the Rose Garden Arena. The 2009 NCAA Tournament is McDonald's first as a head coach.

Tune into CBS tomorrow as we go up against the University of Illinois at around 7:30pm Pacific time. 


Anonymous said...

OF COURSE you met a train hopper. He's amazing. And Mr. Barron seems to be the "go-to" guy for good restaurant info!

Great shots, Luke! Keep 'em coming!

JonnyUps said...

coffee - find "Stumptown"

i love you, you're great at what you do luke. thanks.

Molly said...

R.I.P. Vash. he was really a great guy.