Saturday, March 21, 2009

NCAA Day 4

Slow, rainy day in Portland today. Not much on our plate other than a press conference this afternoon. Good food today was found at the Portland Coffee House, as well as Rock Bottom Brewery (guacamole cheeseburger and chicken macaroni and cheese) Rode the light rail around town in the evening and saw some sights. I'm a transit nerd, and not nearly hip enough for this town. So be it. 


Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA Day 3

NCAA Tournament First Round:  Western Kentucky 76, Illinois 72.

I awoke Thursday morning excited and anxious for the big game. After some more exploring of downtown Portland, we headed over to the arena to watch Gonzaga beat Akron 77 to 64. Half an hour after the first game, we found our shooting positions on the baseline. Despite lots of pre-game jitters, shooting went well, and I felt like I came away with some solid frames. Western pulled off a 76-72 victory over Illinois, and advances on to face Gonzaga in the second round this Saturday.

After sending photos back to Kentucky for the web, we hit up a local pub for one of the best burgers I've ever had. I love you, Portland.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

NCAA Day 2

We awoke to our first full day in portland exhausted and jet-lagged. After hitting the snooze button once or twice, or thrice, we set out in search of breakfast. Two blocks from our hotel I met a couple of train hoppers who had hopped into town on a UP freight that morning. Vash and his dog Star made themselves at home in the middle of the sidewalk.

After shooting the breeze with them, we continued the search for breakfast.

On a tip from a friend, we tried the legendary Mother's Bistro downtown on the corner of Stark and 2nd Avenue. Two eggs scrambled, potatoes, sausage, and toast hit the spot. Thanks Mr. Barron.

After a filling breakfast, we walked around downtown and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Here's the obligatory "view from our hotel room" photo.

A system of light-rail trains and trolleys crisscross the streets downtown.

At around 3pm we caught the media shuttle from our hotel to the Rose Garden Arena. We picked our credentials, cleared security, and set up in the media work room.
After shooting a couple press conferences, I moved courtside for WKU's open practice.

Hilltopper head coach Ken McDonald crosses the NCAA logo at center court of the Rose Garden Arena. The 2009 NCAA Tournament is McDonald's first as a head coach.

Tune into CBS tomorrow as we go up against the University of Illinois at around 7:30pm Pacific time. 


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NCAA Day 1

This week I have the privilege of covering Western Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament in Portland, Ore. for the College Heights Herald. Tuesday afternoon I travelled to Nashville with David Harten (men's basketball beat reporter) and Mike Ip (shooting photos for the Talisman) 

I spent most of the day on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, producing a multimedia piece for class. Halfway through our trip, we stopped in Denver for the sunset.
After sitting on the plane for close about 8 hours, we landed in Portland and caught a cab to the NCAA Media Hotel in downtown Portland. 
Tomorrow we're taking the Portland light-rail to the Rose Bowl Arena to pick up our credentials, cover open practice, and do some press with the teams before the first round games on Thursday. We're all pretty exhausted from the trip, but are looking forward to 
exploring the great city of Portland tomorrow morning.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

One month's work

WKU Hilltoppers vs University of South Alabama Jaguars.

Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee.

Lone Star Rodeo at the WKU Ag Expo Center.

Friday the 13th apartment fire on 13th Street. January 13, 2009.

Barney Quisenberry, 36, of Rockport, Ky. wanders Ohio County roads picking up tin cans and scrap metal to help support his family. His average monthly income is $27 a month. 

Louisville and Paducah shortline Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge in Rockport, Ky.

Jamaica native junior sprinter Gavin Smellie earned all-American honors running the 4x400 relay at the 2008 Indoor NCAA Championships 
Members of the 1204th Air Support Batallion convoy home to Northern Kentucky after being mobilized for 10 days because of the late January ice storm.

Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek (right) and Jon Foreman of Switchfoot (center) perform as "Fiction Family" in Nashville.